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The of interest section of the home page changes every few days. Old links are organized on this page by the date that they were posted on the home page.

December 5
- less is more
- death by powerpoint. common mistakes
- the original iPhone launch, 2007
- "let there be an iPhone". About the launch

November 26
- cost of thanksgiving dinner
the first Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 21
- less is more
-death by powerpoint. common mistakes

Tuesday, November 19
- six steps to superior product prototyping

Friday, November 8
- 2018 final presentation compendium

Monday, November 4
- sample for informed consent form

- my last day at home depot: think safety!
- name generator
- fast naps!
- design education is tragic!

- Assembly review videos and materials
It's a MECHE life! (cut-for-cut comparion) or it's a MECHE life (solo)

Wednesday, October 30
- 2.009 pumpkins
- mad CAD
- Halloween

Monday, October 28
- principles of grouping and pragnanz
- what's the trick?

Thursday, October 24
- Braille bricks

Wednesday, October 23
- Gantt chart software (open source)

Friday, October 18
- product value proposition risks
- asme code of ethics
- two headed snakes
- marry an idea: war of currents
- pirate code of ethics, wikipedia
- code of ethics for involution studios

Thursday, October 17
"When one door closes another door opens.
But we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door,
that we do not see the ones which open for us."
Alexander Graham Bell

Wednesday, October 16
- the importance of models
- greenspace and mortality
- the math and magic of origami

Tuesday, October 15
"Chance favors the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur

Saturday, October 12
- 2.009 teardown, the video

Thursday, October 10
- 6 thinking hats

Wednesday, October 9
- why write specifications?
- the homer
- house of quality

- sheep art

Tuesday, October 8
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
Thomas Alva Edison

Thursday, October 3
- tips for successful products
- unconscious gender bias in subjective evaluations

Tuesday, October 1
- product value proposition risks in 2.009

Friday, September 27
- no-name brand
- writing good user stories
- clients, users, customers. What's the diff?

- car teardowns!
- the making of a lawnmower
- the chain saw
- dyson fan teardown
- iphone 11 teardown

Wendesday, September 25
- Ignite revisited!The beginning of something new! A call to action.
- Go, go teams!(balloon video)

Monday, September 23
- what to sketch model?
- sketch modeling techniques: cardboard and foamcore
- sketch modeling techniques: polystyrene foam
- sketch model wind sculpture
- cardboard models
- paper centrifuge
- collective intelligence in groups

Friday, September 19
- paper centrifuge

Wednesday, September 17
- the elevator pitch
- crafting an elevator pitch

Friday, September 13
- Treasure hunt results and answers.

Thursday, September 12
- mind mapping
- on design sketching and ideas
- the basics of design sketching
- messy rooms
- 22 innovation by design award winners, 2019

Tuesday, September 10
- Optional tutorial: How to be proactive and set your team up for success.
- Optional tutorial: Observing people.

Monday, September 9
- running a meeting primer (.pdf)

Friday, September 6
- team slack and website overview: 4-5 PM Monday, before the idea fair
- creativity cheat sheet (.pdf)
group brainstorming tutorial (.pdf)

Wednesday, September 4
- sketching tutorial: 5 PM this Friday to help with project brainstorming, room 3-333
- secret of success: grit
- creativity crisis

Monday, September 2
- some final presentation shorts
Animo: Parkinson's tremor control device
Manta: overboard rescue system
Lilac: breast feeding emulation
Elevate: rising wheel chair
Rhino: brick repointer

- build challenge 2018
- 2.009 gallery of past projects

- the original iPhone launch, 2007
- "let there be an iPhone". About the launch