2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Lab #10: Week of November 15

objective, preparation, what's due, activities

Main Lab Objective

The technical review is Monday evening! There will be feedback for each team on the website by Tuesday morning, and teams will also receive written feedback from other instructors before your lab meeting (all feedback will be provided by Wednesday morning).

Your goal in lab this week is to reflect upon what you have learned, prioritize, and redesign and prepare for your final build iteration. How is the prototype to be redesigned/rebuilt? What will the presentation set/context be?

This year there is only one week between Thanksgiving and the final presentations on December 7, so plans, redesigns, and orders need to be in place before the break. If you are deciding on presenters, there is a summary of selection methods used by previous teams.

There will be 30 minute round-table design reviews/discussions for each team at the start of next week on Monday, November 23 before the Thanksgiving break.

For the remainder of the term, you will need to have part of your team focus on prototype improvements while others work on your final presentation design, business model and user testing, etc. The scope of the presentation ranges from the product and it's technical design to customer needs, benchmarking, and a plan for how it could reach its potential market. The design and execution of the presentation is an important component of the grade.

Finally, Professor Wallace will be meeting with members of each team on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week to discuss set design for the final presentation. Please contact him to setup a meeting time. He would be happy to review details your team's design with you at that time as well. Set designs need to be resolved early in the week so longer lead items can be ordered and he can begin building during the Thanksgiving week.

Advanced preparation for Lab #11
Financial officers should prepare a budget status report for the team.

System integrators should meet to form an agenda that includes a review of project status and a plan for what needs to be done.

What's due
Timesheets are due this week. Physical design notebooks will be reviewed in lab.

The third peer review and second team review open Wednesday and are due at the end of the week (Friday, 5 PM). When completing the peer reviews be sure to provide you teammates with comments/suggestions for improvements. Even if one is doing well, there are still always ways to improve.

Recommended Lab #11 Activities
Make sure that someone is recording meeting minutes and will post the information for your team.

System integrators should present the agenda and make changes based on input from the team.

Financial officers should give a short budget update to the team.

Discuss feedback from the technical review.

Discuss the status of the prototype design and plan/prepare its redesign.

Discuss preliminary plans for preparing for the final presentations.