2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Lab #11: Week of November 19

objective, preparation, what's due, other notes

Main Lab Objective

The course instructor will be scheduling a 30 minute design review with each team on Monday afternoon. The goal will be to discuss/review your prototype design and also briefly review your presentation plans. You do not need to explicitly prepare a presentation for this review, but you will need to be able to clearly show your intentions for a final design.

This week is Thanksgiving and labs are optional this week, but teams meeting on Tuesday are encouraged to meet at their usual times. If you want your instructors (or the course instructor) to meet with you in an informal team meeting, please be sure to make arrangements with them. Before the break it is important that your team's redesign is in place and critical parts and materials are ordered.

Key areas to focus on are both the prototype and final presentation design. The final presentation includes an online brochure and a formal presentation. The scope of the presentation ranges from the product and it's technical design to customer needs, benchmarking, and a plan for how it could reach its potential market. The design and execution of the presentation is an important component of the grade. In planning, please do not underestimate the importance of preparing and practicing for the final presentation.

Professor Wallace will be meeting with members of each team on Tuesday (November 21) to discuss set design for the final presentation. Please contact him to setup a meeting time. He would be happy to review details your team's design with you at that time as well. Set designs need to be resolved early in the week so longer lead items can be ordered and he can begin building during the Thanksgiving week.

Other things to keep in mind for this week are: discussing feedback from the technical review; discussing the status of the prototype design and plan/prepare its redesign. discussing preliminary plans for preparing for the final presentations.

Advanced preparation for Lab #11
individual preparation:
Review the second team review results. Decide if there are areas of improvement that should be discussed in your team meeting, and what changes might lead to improvement. Think about what should be discussed in lab with the whole team, and what changes might be made in weaker areas.

officer preparation:
Financial officers should prepare a budget status report for the team.

System integrators should form an agenda, including a review of project status and a plan for what needs to be done.

What's due

Thirty minute round-table design reviews are Monday afternoon.

Other notes
When planning, remember that there is a presentation practice session with instructors the Friday before the final presentation and a communications practice session on Sunday before the presentations.