2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Lab #12: Week of November 26

objective, preparation, what's due, activities, other notes

Main Lab Objective

The focus of the lab this week is to organize and prepare for the final public presentation, which is on December 11. An overview of the final presentation was provided in class before Thanksgiving, along with a short compendium from 2016.

Key areas to focus on are both the prototype and final presentation design. Please do not underestimate the importance of preparing and practicing for the final presentation.

Advanced preparation for Lab #12
individual preparation:
Prepare a short, well organized status report on the tasks you have been working on.

officer preparation:
Financial officers should prepare a budget status report for the team.

System integrators should form an agenda, including a review of project status and a plan for what needs to be done. Plan to spend a good portion of the lab working.

The final presentation includes both a team booth for the reception and a formal presentation. The scope of the presentation ranges from the product and it's technical design to customer needs, benchmarking, and a plan for how it could reach its potential market. The design and execution of the presentation is an important component of the grade.

What's due
Your instructors will check your physical design notebook during lab. There are no digital submissions this week.

Recommended Lab #12 Activities
Follow the standard lab startup.

System integrators should present the agenda and make changes based on input from the team.

Financial officers should give a short budget update to the team.

If all of the team did not have a chance to discuss feedback from the technical review before the holiday, take a few minutes to bring everybody up to speed.

Review your team's work plan proposed by the system integrators.

Review the current status of the design with reports from different task forces.

Divide tasks and assign responsibility for prototype and presentation issues that need to be addressed and start working as soon as possible.


Other notes
There are a number of tutorials this week that are relevant to the final presentation (telling a product story, product costing, and a business model concept meeting). Please see the schedule.

Remember that there is a presentation practice session the Friday and Sunday before the final presentation.