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Lab #13: Week of December 2

Main Lab Objective

This is your final lab meeting! The focus of the lab this week is to continue preparation for the final public presentation, which is on December 9.

Advanced preparation for Lab #13

Read about the practice sessions on Friday evening with several course lab instructors. While your presentation will not be in final form on Friday, your should have the full presentation structure and draft slides in place, including draft visuals. The actual presenters must be at the practice session. If your team is well prepared for the session, it will benefit from high-quality feedback. In the past, preparedness for the practice session has been a good indicator of how the team will do in the real thing. There will also be practice session on Sunday.

Understand the general presentation requirements.

Understand the booth requirements.

Understand the detailed timeline for the day of the presentation.

Understand the timeline for course wrap up, starting with submitting presentation materials right after the presentations through the final week of class.

Recommended Lab #13 Activities
Make sure that someone is recording meeting minutes and will post the information for your team.

System integrators should present the agenda and make changes based on input from the team.

Financial officers should give a short budget update to the team.

Review the work plan proposed by the system integrators. Remember that there is a presentation practice session with lab instructors Friday and another practice session with communication instructors on Sunday.

Briefly review the current status of the prototypes and presentation design with reports from different task forces.

Work. It's almost launch time!