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Lab #4: Week of September 30

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Main Lab Objective

Each section will focus on preparation for the upcoming sketch model review. The presentation is this Thursday evening. Your section should be working on details for the three concepts that you have chosen within the team's subtheme.

This lab should be focused on running a very efficient meeting so there is time to work on sketch models and complete other tasks.

Advanced preparation for Lab #4

For the complete team
There are no overall team items to prepare.

For your individual section
Make sure that you understand the requirements for the sketch model review and logistics for the presentation.

Make sure that your task forces are organized to give yourself enough time to prepare the different types of materials needed to refine your ideas for the sketch model review. Be sure to allow time for making sketch models and to allocate time to practice your presentation.

Be prepared to give a status report on the items you are responsible for at the start of lab.

The system integrators should prepare an agenda for the lab. If you think that you will need AV equipment set this up in advance as well. Plan to have a meeting that allows a significant amount of time for working on tasks.

What's due
There are no formal deliverables for lab this week, other than focusing on preparation for the sketch model review on Thursday.

Please commit (and lock) your sketch model phase project timesheet data by midnight Friday after the review. This is done by clicking the orange "submit this timesheet" button on your timesheet.

Recommended Lab #4 Activities
As a complete team
Your lab instructors may choose to discuss the upcoming first peer review with the entire team together. They will lead a short discussion on the peer review process and its importance. The first peer review is assigned on Friday at the end of this week, to be completed for 9 PM Wednesday, October 9. Peer reviews are mandatory.

Close the meeting room divider. The two sections will typically work separately for the entire lab.

As individual sections
Begin with the standard meeting startup.

Each task force should give a brief status report to the section, indicating what you have completed, what needs to be done, issues that are of concern, and whether the assigned tasks are on-schedule. Using your work-in-progress (models) as props can facilitate this discussion.

Based on the reports, decide if resources need to be reallocated to different tasks or if new task forces need to be created.

Either during your next lab or before your next lab you will decide which concepts your section will pursue for the mockup review. You may end up selecting two concepts from your sketch models, the other half of your team, or even decide on new directions.

You want to pick your best options that are driven by user needs. You want to pursue products that have a strong value proposition for a broader population of users or an undeserved community/individual. Product development is different that working on a "pet project". Also, you want to feel ownership of the direction of your idea.

If you make your decisions before your next lab, you must wait for the written feedback from instructors, and be sure to apply a rational process for making this decision. You may want to invite your instructor to participate in the process.


Other notes:
All section members that were auditioning for an officer position should have now served in the role, so the section should vote to select the final officers by no later than 5 PM Friday, October 4. When the officer positions are finalized please email this information to the course instructor using the officer information form.