Illustrator: a crash-course (ie-how to make stuff look awsome)

Why create a poster layout?

Now that you have your ideas sketched, you will want to create a poster layout that you can puts each of the sketches on. If your whole team uses the same layout, your team will look unified at the presentations.

Creating a poster layout.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use another Adobe Creative Suite Program, InDesign, to make a layout for a poster. This program is set up very similarly to Adobe Illustrator, having many of the same or similar tools, but is designed to create layouts.

The units for creating a new document are in picas. You can use illustrator to convert to these units by putting in the document size in inches and changing the units to picas . 144 by 216 picas is equal to 2 by 3 feet.

The video below will show you how to go about putting your information for the three ideas milestone into a poster. You will want your poster to have a simple but colored design to identify your team. Make sure that the text you use is large enough to be seen from far away.

Example Poster