Illustrator: a crash-course (ie-how to make stuff look awsome)

How to select things.

There are four main selection tools we will be working with in these tutorials.

The main selection tool is the first tool. It selects entire paths or shapes together. The video below shows what you can do with this tool.

The next selection tool is the direct selection tool. This tool is extremely useful because you can select one point in a path or object and manipulate it. A good way to move a point a small amount is to use the arrow keys.

The tools below the selection tool is the magic wand tool. Use this to select one region of the same color.

This is the lasso tool. With this tool you can select large groups of objects by drawing a path around the objects you want to select.

When resizing items, you may find the Shift key useful. Holding this key while resizing an object will constrain it to its original ratio.