Illustrator: a crash-course (ie-how to make stuff look awsome)

Why create a poster sketch?

For the three ideas presentation, each team needs to creat professional posters that can be viewed and understood from far away. Poster images can be created in Illustrator and the layout can be done in Adobe InDesign (explained in the next project). Sketches done in Illustrator are graphic, professional looking, and can be put onto a poster using the plotter.

Creating a poster sketch.

The following video shows the main steps in creating a quick poster sketch of an idea for the three ideas milestone. It is normally faster to start with a hand-sketched rough idea than to start from scratch in Illustrator.

First, you should place your scanned sketch. Make sure this is in a separate, locked layer. Then create another layer to work in and start using the pen tool to trace the shapes from your sketch. Don't worry about being completely accurate the first time as you can make tweaks when you are done with all the shapes. If you place a point wrong, you can undo it with Command-z.

As you trace different sections of the sketch, shapes may overlap. You can put them in different layers. This gives you the option to toggle whether or not they are visible.

After you have traced all the basic shapes, you can use the direct selection tool to make all of them fit together better. Zoom in further when making small adjustments using Command +.

When you are done with the sketch, you can export the image to a image file.