Illustrator: a crash-course (ie-how to make stuff look awsome)

Why use Keynote?

2.009 final presentations are a big deal. You will want your presentation materials to be as professional looking as possible. Keynote is the Apple equivalent of Power Point, and has features that Power Point does not. These features include the ability to remove colored backgrounds from photos, and slide transitions that help with animation, and both are explained below.

How to make your slides look great.

In keynote, you can use the alpha tool to remove a background from a photo. This will make your slides look very clean and professional. To use tool, simply click on an area of the background color and hold while pulling away. The sections that will be removed become highlighted. When you release the mouse, the areas will be removed. Just be careful not to remove the areas of the photo you want.

To make simple animations of how mechanisms work, you can use Keynote's Magic Move transition. To use this feature, you will need to create multiple slides with the same images, words, letters, etc on them. The repeated elements can be different sizes, in different positions,in different orientations, etc. When you apply the Magic Move slide transition between these slides, the transition will automatically move the repeated elements to their new positions/orientations.