Illustrator: a crash-course (ie-how to make stuff look awsome)

Stroke options for the pen tool.

When drawing with the pen tool you can edit some of the more important attributes about your sketch, including fill color, outline color, stroke width, opacity, etc.

You can change the color of the stroke and the fill of the shape you are drawing. You can select to have no fill or no stroke outline by using the no fill button.

You can also change these things later by selecting the line and using stroke options.

The panel opens up from the right tools palette and has options to change the stroke width, change how the ends of the line look, add arrowheads, make the line dashed, etc.

Play around with some of these options to learn how to get the look you want.

In CS5, there is the added functionality to change the width of the stroke at any point. You can use the width tool to do this. Click and hold on any spot along the stroke to make the stroke width what you want.