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Instructions for Phone and Scanning


There are two options for scanning using the 2.009 desktop computers in the Pappalardo lab.

i) Using the Epson V300 Photo Scanner
1. You must be on the computer station this scanner connected to it.
2. Place the item you wish to scan on the scanner.
3. Open the EPSON scanner application
4. Click Scan
5. The file will be sent automatically to the My Pictures Folder
6. You may want to move the file to your team's local filespace on the computer in the lab.

ii) Using the Canon flatbed scanner
You can use either the scanner's software or scan from within Photoshop (recommended).

1. Place your document face-down in the scanner.
2. Open Adobe Photoshop
3. Choose: File > Import > CanoScan LiDE 35
4. To preview your scan, choose "Preview". Otherwise, choose "Scan".
5. Save each scan as a .jpg file in your team's local filespace on the computer in the lab.

Note: If you are scanning items for your design notebook submission, you will also need to move the file to your personal design notebook directory on Athena.


There is a voice over IP phone in the 2.009 computer area in the Pappalardo lab

The number is: 617-324-2676

if you need to check the voicemail the code is 2009.