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Lab Notes List

Lab notes outlining recommended lab activities will be posted at least two weeks prior to a given lab. However, they may be adjusted during the week before a lab (usually after the course staff meeting on Tuesdays) to reflect more current information about project needs.

At the start of the course the lab notes are detailed but, as teams develop and projects become more individual, the notes become general guidelines for what-needs-to-happen-when.

The timing of labs in relation to both lecture and milestone activities is mapped in the overall course and lab schedule.

lab #1

week of September 8
Electing officers and ideation
lab #2
week of September 15
Exploring ideas and preparation for the 3 ideas presentation
lab #3 week of September 22
From opportunity area to product concepts
lab #4 week of November 29
Preparing for the sketch model review
lab #5 week of October 6
Identifying and resolving key risks
lab #6 week of October 13
Preparing for the mockup review
lab #7 week of October 20
Making the decision!
lab #8 week of October 27
Clarifying the system vision
, design details, and assembly review
lab #9 week of November 3
Resolving design details
and prototyping
lab #10 week of November 10
Building the prototype

lab #11 week of November 17
Technical review and planning the rebuild, presentation designing
lab #12 week of November 24
Design review, planning and rebuild
lab #13

week of December 1
The final push

lab #14 week of December 8
Final presentation and course wraup