2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Lecture Note List

Notes are posted shortly after each class in reverse chronological order. The timing of lectures in relation to both lab and milestone activities are mapped in the overall course and lab schedule.

Dec. 4 Final presentation logistics, presenting data (.pdf)

Dec. 1 Project and presentation consulting

Nov. 29

2.009 business case (.pdf)
Product costing /economics model (.xls)

Nov. 27

Presentation design (.pdf)

Nov. 17

Technical review feedback (.pdf)
Video logistics (.pdf)

Nov. 13

Technical review logistics

Final presentation overview (.pdf)
Final presentation compendium, 2016

Nov. 8

Debugging process (.pdf)
Product man and the faulty flashpot!
Les Bruins et Canadiens demonstrate inattentional blindness

Nov. 6

Safety, technical review (.pdf)

Nov. 3

Assembly review introduction (.pdf)
Results from class: Assembly review

Nov. 1

Assembly review introduction (.pdf)
Results from class: Assembly review

Oct. 30

Project consulting schedule
Assembly review details (.pdf)

Oct. 27

Design for assembly (.pdf)
Chicken chart (.pdf)

Oct. 25

Product form (.pdf)

Oct. 23

Product architecture (.pdf)

Oct. 20

Mockup feedback and critique (.pdf)

Critique: the new Wallace

Oct. 19

Mockup review introduction slide (.pdf)

Oct. 18

Scheduling and time estimation (.pdf)

Results from class: Origami ball time estimation experiment

Oct. 16

Mockup review pointers (.pdf)
Detailed logistics

Oct. 13

Specifications (.pdf)

The homer
Results from class: specification exercise

Oct. 11

Mockups and customer needs (.pdf)

Oct. 6

Sketch model feedback and the rescue of product man (.pdf)
Tips for successful projects (.pdf)

Oct. 5

Sketch model review introduction (.pdf)
Review results: Sketch model results

Oct. 2

Build challenge (.pdf)

Sept. 27

Ideas feedback (.pdf)

Sept. 25

3-idea presentation introduction (.pdf)
3-idea presentation results

Sept. 30

Product teardowns (.pdf)

Common types of plastics, identifying plastics, plastic prices, part costing guidelines (certs required)

Teardown exercise results
2009 wrecking ball (teardown video)

Sept. 20

Sketch models (.pdf)

See the sketch modeling tutorials or the condensed online tutorials
(cardboard, foamcore, blue foam)

Sept. 18

Idea presentation and estimation challenge (.pdf)

Sept. 15

Customer observation and estimation (.pdf)
Observation exercise

Sept. 13

Meetings and finding information (.pdf)
Treasure hunt instructions and resources
Treasure hunt results

Sept. 11

Teams (.pdf)
Running a meeting primer (.pdf)
Brainstorming milestone
Idea fair abstracts

Team-building tower challenge video!
Team-building challenge roles

Sept. 8

Creativity and project theme (.pdf)
Creativity strategies cheat-sheet (.pdf)
Group Brainstorming tutorial (.pdf)

Theme reveal video

Sept. 6

Product development process introduction (.pdf)
Failed prototype test (.mpg)