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Course Wrap up Timeline and Course Dinner

The wrap up timeline covers activities on Tuesday and Wednesday (December 10 and 11) following the final presentation.

Day and time Activity Notes
Tues., 9 AM Deadline to submit final presentation materials

Please upload all of your presentation materials (brochures, etc. We already have your slides) using the upload link we will provide on the home page. Please email the course instructor when the materials are uploaded.

The final presentation materials will be posted on the website Wednesday afternoon, but the webcast is available immediately from the course homepage.

Wed., noon - Sat., noon Peer review, staff evaluation

Complete the final peer review and course evaluations. Instructions will be linked to the course home page. Course evaluations close Friday

Wed., noon-5 PM Presentation feedback from guests

Detailed presentation comments from guests will be available for review in the Pappalardo lab. Summaries will also be available on the final presentation results page.


Wed., 1-5 PM Design notebook submission and timesheet submission

There will be a box for each section in the Pappalardo lab. Leave your design notebook in the appropriate box so that it can be graded. Also, please make you final digital notebook submission for your teammates to reference while completing the final peer review.

Your final timesheet should be completed by midnight.


Wed., 1:00-3:30 PM Cleanup in Pappalardo lab

Teams need to cleanup their work areas.

Tool officers must have Steve sign off on their tool inventory. All materials abandoned in team areas will be discarded by shop staff.

There will be tables setup for unused materials and tools purchased by the team during the term.

Wed., 3:00-5 PM Dinner! Dinner is available in the Pappalardo lab for all class members. The food will be good!