2.009 Product Engineering Processes

2.009 Component Store

The 2.009 store is located in the Pappalardo lab. The store includes electronics prototyping resources (ranging from motors and microcontrollers to resistors, an oscilloscope and soldering equipment), as well as mechanical fasteners and an assortment of materials.

The 2.009 store is not intended to be your team's primary electronics, fastener, or materials vendor. However, it should allow you to quickly and conveniently try things out, as well as provide equipment for electronics prototyping in the Pappalardo lab.

Components are available for purchase or loan, depending on the component type. Never, ever, just take components, you must always purchase/checkout components using the online store before removing items. If we do not take care of this resource it will not be sustainable, and it will go away. All prices are at our cost.

Login to the store using the username and password you use for notebook submissions, timesheets, and other 2.009 reservations.

You can browse/search for components online, or you can browse the physical store. There is a touch screen computer with the store. You can also scan quick reference (QR) codes using your smart phone. This will bring up the web page for the item on your phone, from which you can make a purchase. Please use the recommended QR reader within the MIT mobile application.

MIT mobile for iPhone
MIT mobile for Android

When you make a purchase or borrow tools using the store's shopping cart:

Electronics calculators:
Resistor color code chart
Given a resistor, what is its value?
Given a resistance value, what does the resistor look like?