2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Cleaning up

Team workspace:
A key to working comfortably, efficiently, and safely is the maintenance of a clean work area. Lab instructors, the team safety officers, and the team tool officers should be monitoring the state of each project workspace.

After each lab the team must tidy their work area.

If you have food or snacks in your team area, please remove the food waste from the lab. Garbage is not removed daily (the lab does not have janitorial service) and rats are an issue.

Conference rooms:
After each lab the team must return the conference room to its original state.

Chairs should be placed in an orderly fashion around the tables and the blackboards should be cleaned. All refuse should be removed. Do not bring greasy items into the conference room and be careful not to place items on the table that may scratch their surfaces.

Please do not bring food into the conference rooms. You may use your team workspace if you want to have snacks for your team. Just remember to remove the food waste from the lab, as noted in the team workspace section.

Machine tools:
Remember to clean all floor machines after use and sweep up any cuttings that are on the floor. In addition to being a safe practice, this will earn you friends too. Return tools that you have taken from the tool crib as soon as you have finished with them.