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Project Workspace

Special Equipment, Toolkit contents

Project Workspace:
Your team is allocated a color-coded workspace in the Pappalardo Lab.

The workspace has a cabinet stocked with a set of tools, two work tables, and a white board. There is a lockable storage cabinet under one of the tables. You may also ask for an extra team locker (see the week 2 lab notes).

The project workspaces are available during standard shop hours (Mon. - Fri. 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM) and during typically during Tuesday and Wednesday evening lab sessions (6-9:00 PM) before reviews. The evening lab periods are 7-10:00 PM.

The lab will not typically be open on weekends. Floor machines are normally available during standard shop hours only, except before milestones.

A conference room in the Pappalardo Lab reserved for your weekly lab. The tool officers are responsible for ensuring that the conference rooms and work areas are maintained properly. The conference rooms, team workspace, and machines must be kept clean and treated with respect. Food should not be brought into the conference rooms.

Special Equipment:
In addition to the traditional floor machines that are available in the Pappalardo lab, there are a number of other pieces of equipment provided for the teams. These include:

  • A Large format HP and Cannon plotters in the 2.009 computer area in the lab (north end).
  • Computers in the 2.009 office area within the lab. Software includes Matlab, Solidworks, Adobe Creative Cloud, and drivers for the large format plotters.
  • 3D printers, laser cutters, and vinyl cutters.
  • 2 extra LCD Projectors are available for use during your lab. They are stored in a locker and any course staff can access the combination and get one for you (certificates required).
  • A Phone and copy machine in the 2.009 office area within the lab
  • Scanners in the 2.009 office area within the lab.
  • DC power supplies, oscilloscopes, soldering kits, and many other supplies are available in the 2.009 store.


Toolkit Contents
In addition to the major machines in the lab, each team has a cabinet with the tools listed below. Your tool officers are responsible for oversight of your toolkit.

  • (1) Wire stripper/crimp tool
  • (1) Pop rivet gun
  • (1) Multi-meter
  • (1) Scissors
  • (2) slip joint pliers
  • 6" needle nose pliers
  • 8" Tekton linesman pliers
  • 6" diagonal cutters
  • (2) utility knife & Olfa L-2 snap off knife
  • 6" or 8" adjustable wrench
  • (2) flat files
  • (2) round files
  • folding hex key (Allen) wrench set
  • Tekton folding (Torx) wrench set
  • (4) blade screwdrivers – two 6"  one 4" one 3"
  • (3) Phillips screwdrivers - #0  #1  #2
  • (2) 3" C clamps
  • (2) 1 1/2" C clamps
  • (1) 2" spring clamp
  • (2) 1" Quick Grip spring clamps
  • (1) Claw hammer 
  • (1) ball peen hammer
  • Combination square
  • 12' tape measure 
  • 6" Dial Caliper
  • hack saw
  • Short Cut finish saw
  • Large tin snips
  • Noga Deburring tool (AKA whirligig)
  • 7" curved jaw Vise Grip locking pliers
  • Companion 9 piece standard combination wrench set 1/4"  - 3/4"
  • 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator (Major League Glue Gun)
  • Hanson 41 piece Tap & Die Super Set
  • Companion 9 piece metric combination wrench set  7mm – 19mm
  • Craftsman 76 piece tool set or other
  • Milwaukee M18 / M12 Charging station with (3)M18 & (3)M12 Batteries
  • Milwaukee M12 ¼ cordless screwdriver
  • Milwaukee M12 ¼  impact driver
  • Milwaukee M12 ½ Drill driver
  • Milwaukee 29 pc. Titanium drill bit set
  • Milwaukee 74 pc. Bit set
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel ½ " Drill
  • Folding Alan key sets (1) Metric & (1) Standard