2.00b Toy Product Design

Toys from 2016

The theme for Toy Product Design 2016 was 'Intrigue...'.

Camel — Moti

Everyday toy balls become lively characters! When these foam balls are bounced or struck, they respond with fun commentary, depending on their personality. "Aaarg you're due for a swashbuckling!" "#ouch!"

Crocodile — Medusa

Play the villain when you put on the Medusa helmet! Silly string shoots out of the snake heads to tag your friends and freeze them in place.

Goose — Magnitude X

Can your tower withstand an Earthquake of magnitude 5? How about 9?! Magnitude X brings quakes to a competitive building game for added excitement and suspense!

Hedgehog — Mozart

Drawing and composing form a perfect duet with Mozart — the marker that plays music as you draw. The pen device can receive any marker and plays music according to drawing force and length.

Hippo — Equinok

Equinok brings the classic joy of swordplay up a notch with its space inspired tethered batons and balancing boards. Use the tetherand the baton to destabalize your opponent — but be careful! Too much movement might mean you're the one who falls!

Koala — Dome-Ination

Dome-inate your friends by capturing as many domes for your team! Tap a dome 3 times and it turns your color; but you'll have to capture the others before time runs out and it switches back.

Llama — Krazy Tunnel

The sensory experience of crawling through tunnels is enhanced with interactive lights and sound. Colors shine and melodies chime with every step as you activate contact pads embedded in the walls.

Lobster — Mazed and Confused

Directing a robotic mouse through a maze just got harder! Just when you think you're on the right path, your lab mouse has lost communication! Now left is right and up is down; you'll have to relearn your controls fast to finish the maze first!

Meerkat — H2Armor

Water sensing vests record and display hits to bring a competitive edge to waterfights. When you've taken down one target, H2Armor picks a new target at random for unlimited replay.

Moose — Battlebots

Lasertag and remote-controlled vehicles merge so that you can battle your friends anywhere! Your battlebot is armed with lasers to take out your opponent and sensors that will record hits. Take too much damage and you've lost the battle – your robot shuts down!

Narwhal — Sabertag

Sabertag brings fantasy and technology to swordplay. Challenge your friend to a duel, don the sabertag vest and unsheath your Saber! With every Sabertag hit, their vest changes color to record damage. Play in the dark and see your Saber light up for added excitement!

Ostrich — Fort Blox

Life sized foam building blocks make forts easy to build and configurate. Pieces snap together with magnets and provide infinite possibilities for effortless forts!

Panda — Toppling Towers

Play against your friends to build the tallest tower on a spinning platform. Take into account shape, size, and placement of pieces to maximize stability and follow instructions from the playing cards for extra challenges!

Squid — Infect It

Play as a tumor, bacteria, or virus in a competitive board game to take over the body! Use your infection tokens to spread through and capture 3D organs until the you've reach critical infection and won the game! Kids learn about diseases, health, and the human body in this intriguing take on classic board games.

Tiger — Happy Hooves

Happy Hooves is your loyal steed in any fantastical adventure! Designed for smal children, Happy Hooves responds to touch with sounds and ear movements. This stallion is the perfect companion for imagination.

T-Rex — Frizball

Frizball is a fast paced game of throwing, catching, and bouncing! A frisbee with a bouncable center lights up with every ball bounced to help you count how many successful throws you've completed! Frizball is great for engaging multiple people and allows for endless flexible group play.