2.00b Toy Product Design


Date Lecture Additional
Feb 8 Wed Hello! Toys and Course Overview Assignment
Feb 15 Wed Play! Understanding & Classifying Play
Feb 21 Tues Innovation, Theme Introduction, and Brainstorming Assignment
Feb 22 Wed Sketching and Drawing Technique
Feb 27 Mon Sketching and Rendering Assignment
Rendering Basics Truck Exercise
Mar 1 Wed Graphic Design Assignment
Mar 6 Mon Posters and Presenting Poster Guidelines
Mar 13 Mon Presentation Results & Sketch Model Techniques Pt. 1
Mar 15 Wed Sketch Model Techniques Pt. 2
Mar 20/22 Mon/Wed Estimation and Energy
Apr 3 Mon Design Aesthetic
Apr 10/12 Mon/Wed SolidWorks & Part Finishing & Vacuum Forming
Apr 24 Mon Plastics
Apr 26 Wed Portfolios
May 1/3 Mon/Wed Designing Presentations Assignment
Storyboard Worksheets
May 8/10 Mon/Wed Presentations Prep PDL Calendar