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Purchasing and Reimbursements:
Project Budget and Purchasing Guidelines - a good place to start for first-time purchasers
Financial Officers Notes - quick reference for financial officers
Tax Exempt Form - when purchasing materials

Reference Documents:
Toys for Children Birth-5 - U.S. Consumer Product Guide
Toys for Children 6-12 - U.S. Consumer Product Guide
Characteristics of Boys' and Girls' Toys - Judith Blakemore and Renee E. Centers
Child Ergonomics
- TU Delft (Dutch)

Colour Lovers

Articles and Interviews:
Taking Play Seriously (NY Times)
Old-Fashioned Play (NPR)
Creative Play (NPR)
History of Toys - History Channel Special
Interview with Child Psychologist Brian Sutton-Smith
The Art and Craft of Toy Design

Stores and Sites:
Ponoko - made to order laser cutting
Wordle - automatic word art generator
The Sarut Group
Perpetual Kid
Think Geek
ReadyMech Toys - print out and make toys
Papercraft - make a working optimus prime
Pepakura - cad model to paper cut out software
The Monster Engine - children's art... remastered

Friends of 2.00b:
2.009 - MIT Product Engineering Process
Hasbro Toys
Transmedia Storytelling - Geoffrey Long
Invention at Play
- Lemelson
Snively's Blog

Toy Product Design in the Media:
"30 Awesome College Labs" - Popular Science: August 2010
"Wily Wonks and the High-Tech Toy Factory" - Boston Herald: May 2010
"Toy Story" - FLYP Media: May 21, 2009
"Get a B.A. in Toy Design" - Columbia News Service: December 2007
"Toy Soldier" - MIT Tech Talk: December 2007
"Toy Stories" - Association for Psychology Science (APS) Observer: December 2006
"Toy Designers Make Brushing Fun" - MIT Tech Talk: May 24, 2006
"Bathroom Tech: Toothbrush Toys" - GearLog: May 22, 2006