2.00b Toy Product Design

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2019 - Rainbow
2018 - Dream
2017 - Animate
2016 - Intrigue!
2015 - Surprise!
2013 - In the dark
2012 - Imagination
2010 - Outdoors
2009 - The Arts
2008 - Science and Engineering
2007 - Design for Brazil
2006 - Dental Hygiene

2019 Toy Product Design

The theme for Toy Product Design 2019 was 'Rainbow'.

Camel — Ratchet Railroad

Grab a buddy and speed through any world you can imagine. Work together to crank the ratchets and control where you go. It's all about speed! But just in case, there are breaks to slow you down to enjoy the view.

Watch the presentation here!

Crocodile — Lumo

A normal game of frisbee becomes much more competitive with Lumo's team-based gameplay. Which team can keep possession of Lumo the longest? If you get tired of the constant battle, switch to freeplay mode and have a casual throw session to some fun lights and music!

Watch the presentation here!

Goose — Crystal Quest

Tribes compete and build bridges to reach the Crystal Island first. Collect resources to build more bridges, gaining control of islands as you go. But watch out, the Crystal Island changes colors, giving a random power up to each player at the end of their turn. May the crystal be ever in your favor!

Watch the presentation here!

Hedgehog — Keeping Up with the Colors

Match the pattern provided by the center console. But don't get confused by the audio giving a pattern that doesn't match the colors. Compete against your friends to see who can remember the most. Can you keep up?

Watch the presentation here!

Hippo — Infection

Stop the infection from spreading! Lights on the vests show if a player is infected or not, and a tag is sensed using capacitive touch. Are you infected? Try to infect the other players. Still healthy? Try to survive. Are you a medic? Heal the infected!

Watch the presentation here!

Koala — Zippy Zoo

In Zippy Zoo, you're a zookeeper working with your monkey pal. Stack the blocks on top of the platform to make the tallest animals. But remember! You can only use your monkey pal to touch the blocks. Attach the monkey somewhere on your body and use it's arms to grab the blocks. Can you build the best zoo?

Watch the presentation here!

Llama — asteroid evader

Guide your way through an asteroid field! The board is a simulation of what's going on in space around you and the slider shows the shape of each approaching asteroid. Use the clay to shape your rocketship. Try to avoid more asteroids than your friends!

Watch the presentation here!

Lobster — TILT

Use your balance to navigate your rocket ship through space. Make your way through planets, debris, alien space stations, and asteroid belts. Follow the lights and get the highest score before time runs out.

Watch the presentation here!

Meerkat — Dynamic Darts

Dynamic Darts is an arcade game that uses a screen to display a moving dart board, so hitting the target is never easy. The display is a touch screen that can tell when and where a dart hit it. With over 10 levels and lots of themes, the fun never ends!

Watch the presentation here!

Moose — Box-A-Buddy

Beat your buddies in a competition to see who's the best boxer. Fine tune your strategy to gain victory by throwing quick or strong punches to deplete your opponent's energy bar. Whether you're big or small, you're on your way to defeating your friends!

Watch the presentation here!

Narwhal — Red Light Rainbow Light

Stop traffic with this twist on Red Light Green Light. But don't just stop and go; roll, run, crawl, and hop depending on the color of the lights. Be the first to hit your button in the center!

Watch the presentation here!

Ostrich — TILED

Play lots of different minigames with TILED. From dancing to color stomp, you'll have a blast with these pressure sensitive tiles. A master tile controls the other 8 wirelessly. Arrange the tiles into numerous shapes, creating a new experience every time you use it.

Watch the presentation here!

Panda — Lucky Catch

Catch the tokens as they fly through the air or pick them up off the ground using the magnetic collector on the nets. Compete with your friends to see who can earn the most points. Who will be the luckiest catcher of them all?

Watch the presentation here!

Squid — Deep SeaUrchin

Join this underwater tactile adventure and learn to tell apart the dangerous sea creatures from the friendly fish. Cover your eyes and dive right in! Place the good critters in your net and place the bad ones in your opponent's.

Watch the presentation here!

Tiger — Whacky Whackers!

Choose your whacker and compete to see who can defend their goal best. Easily switch out walls with goals to play with up to six friends. Score against other players by blasting past their defenses!

Watch the presentation here!

T-Rex — Disco Scram

Boogie 'round the disco ball and compete in different minigames. Earn points by dancing, running, and tagging all while watching your score increase on the disco ball. Each player wears a colorful wristband that matches their section of the ball.

Watch the presentation here!