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We are a lab dedicated to the exploration of creative design with an emphasis on entertainment and aesthetics.

Over the past few years, the MIT Toy Lab has grown in both research scope and membership. The MIT Toy Lab consists of: Professor David Wallace, Lindy Liggett, Geoff Tsai, James Penn on the research side. The teaching side of the toy lab is posted here.

The MIT Toy Lab was founded in 2004 by Professor Barry Kudrowitz, Professor David Wallace, and Bill Fienup, with research funding provided by Hasbro Inc. The initial project of the Toy Lab involved developing new concepts for Nerf™ and Supersoaker® brand products. The Nerf Atom Blaster, a variant of a toy developed in this lab, is now currently on the market.

Past Members Include: Sunyoung Kim (SM '09, Nerf), Monica Rush (SM '09, Creativity), Serena Graziosi (Visiting Researcher from Universita Politecnica della Marche, '09), Marlous Nacken (Visiting Researcher from TU Delft, '08), Andrew Hurwich (BSME '08), Jake Muhleman (BSME '08) Paul Fathallah (MSME '08), Bill Fienup (MSME '05), Alan Skaggs (MSME '06), Andrew Greenhut (BSME '06), Matthew Blanco (BSME '07)

Honorary Members: Andrew Carvey (MSME '07), Chandler Hatton (BSME '06), Ethan Crumlin (PhD), Mika Tomczak (MSME '08), Sittha Sukkasi (Phd), Jessica Vechicul (MSME '07), Keiko Poodle

Contact Information:

MIT Room 3-452
Phone: 617.258.8186
Email: toys [at] mit [dot] edu