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The theme for Toy Product Design 2007 was inexpensive manufacture in Brazil. Students collaborated with D-Lab Brazil, Hasbro, and Patrick Cunningham's 1st and 2nd Grade class at Cambridgeport Elementary.

There were seven toy products presented at the PLAYsentation of 2007. Click the icons above for more information. These products include:

Eggman and Friends - top-like creatures each with a special power
Pirate Pals - friendly sea creatures that can be connected with foam tubes
Chanimals - plush animal toys that have interchangeable body parts
Flippin' Flyers - elastic propelled glider planes with adjustable/interchanging wings
Stack-It - a game of making the highest tower using different shaped pieces
Roli Boli - happy spheres that are passed between players in an accordion tube
Magnimals- animal parts that can be connected magnetically in fun new ways