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The theme for Toy Product Design 2012 was imagination. Throughout the semester the students collaborated with representatives from Hasbro, the Boston Children's Museum, and the MIT Museum.

There were sixteen toy products presented at the PLAYsentations on Tuesday May 15, 2012.
Click the icons above for more information. These products include:

Firefly - a smart football that produces different lighting effets depending on how you throw it
Beat Blocks - a set of musical blocks you control by making gestures in midair
Rocket Ride - a bike attachment kit with sound effects for you to transform your bike into a rocket
bathboats - a set of squeezable bath boat toys that let you paint lines of color in the water
Tube Tunes - a set of musical instruments that let you create different sounds depending on the configuration of tubes
The Equalizer - a backpack with dual, handheld blasters that shoot foam balls at high speeds
EMITT - a glove that gives the wearer superhero powers, responding to touch with lights and sound
Soundy - a handheld toy for you to record audio and trigger playback with different motions
BallPop - a toy that when you throw it into the air, suddenly pops open and separates into two different flying toys
Wall Friends - a set of electronic animals that respond to light and touch, and attach to a wall-mountable environment
TechnoTurtle - a spinning music toy that lets you create patterns of beats and notes via an array of buttons and lights
Battle on the High Seas - a remote control pirate boat that shoots water and competes to sink opposing boats
Comet Control - a backpack and glove give you the ability to levitate balls using air power
MagNotes - a ferrofluidic piano lets you create music and visual patterns when you press the keys
Tech Turret - an autonomous, tabletop disc shooter that tracks moving targets
Laser Maze - a set of laser traps for you to create your own laser maze and navigate through it like a secret agent