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The theme for Toy Product Design 2013 was 'in the dark'. Throughout the semester the students collaborated with representatives from Hasbro, the Boston Children's Museum, and the Edgerton Center.

There were sixteen toy products presented at the PLAYsentations on Tuesday May 14, 2013. Click the icons above for more information. These products include:

Stepper - a shoe attachment that makes beats from the movement of your feet
Beat Brite - a drum that responds to your tapping with lights and sounds
Lazer Mages - a magic wand that casts spells only when you draw the right shapes
LighTracers - RC cars that leave a light trail, and immobilize when they go over another light trail
Ghost Hunters - a haunted house that ejects ghosts, and it's up to you to catch them
Monkey Business - skyscrapers change color depending on the team that last threw a ring over them
Cosmic Catch - colored aliens are shot out of a pressurized tube, catch as many as you can
the CUBE - to solve the maze inside, you must first solve a Rubik's cube to get the paths to match up correctly
Fearkat - a meerkat plush toy that is a fearsome IR laser tag game game during the day, and night light at night
Marshie Plushie - a marshmallow-shaped plush toy that heats up and changes from white to a glowing golden brown when you hug it
PentHouse TentHouse - a comforter with embedded airbeams becomes a tent when inflated
dreamstep - a floor that lights up when you step on it
Who-Who - a plushy owl with motion tracking and spooky sounds
Lumiknots - an array of lights coupled with spoken instructions takes Twister to a new level
Circuit Racers - a game of skill and electronics knowledge, Race your opponent to connect circuits and dominate the electroverse!
Haunted Havoc - an intricate board game in which your friends find the necessary ingredients for a potion to turn you human again