2.00b Toy Product Design

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2018 - Dream
2017 - Animate
2016 - Intrigue!
2015 - Surprise!
2013 - In the dark
2012 - Imagination
2010 - Outdoors
2009 - The Arts
2008 - Science and Engineering
2007 - Design for Brazil
2006 - Dental Hygiene

2017 Toy Product Design

The theme for Toy Product Design 2017 was 'Animate'.

Camel — Sniper Biker

This state of the art racing technology features foam-dart warefare. It allows you to go super fast and drift around tight spaces. The attached dart launcher offers the attack that you want!

Crocodile — RGYBeat

Punch the buttons when they light up to the beat of the music. Work on your timing and concentration to master the beats, and become the next Rocky!

Goose — Starcom

With Starcom you can communicate from star to star! Each helmet is equipped with a communicator device inside that sends radio waves to other helmets so they can talk to each other.

Hedgehog — Infection

Attack your opponents with bacteria! Try to get it to stick to their vital organs. Use your antibodies to defend yourself from oncoming infections.

Hippo — Speed Snails

Speed along with these remote control snails. When you get hit from the side or back, your health bar goes down. With less health, your shell is easily knocked off. Be the last snail with a shell! The more snails you have the more fun!

Koala — Whack

The new and only way to truly battle — Whack! All you have to do is hit all the buttons as fast as you can to turn all the lights your team color. You have 45 seconds to claim victory!

Llama — Tip & Toss

A multiplayer game where teams compete to tip the scale towards their side. Set a distance and throw balls into the openings to win. Tip & Toss is fast and furious, and can be played with as many people as you like.

Lobster — ESC

Players create a maze by pushing the wall pieces into their corresponding slots on the board. Guide a light through the maze using arrow tiles. Can you escape?

Meerkat — Airheads

Battle Airhead to Airhead in a pneumatic struggle. Control the arms and torso of your puppet fighters from behind. Each punch deflates the balloon and brings you one step closer to victory!

Moose — Space Pirates

Each team is provided with a launcher and projectiles. The only way to claim the planet as your own is to launch your projectiles into the craters. But watch out! the planet spins at two different velocities, making this no easy feat!

Narwhal — Eruption

Put the volcano to sleep by successfully throwing rocks into the crater. Watch out! It's angry! The volcano rotates and spits rocks back. Good luck!

Ostrich — Alien Invasion

The red alien is equipped with bombs that explode on impact when you hit a vulnerable area. The blue aliens can fight back by catching a bomb with a defense shield and throwing it back. Everything stores nicely into the space ship for easy cleanup.

Panda — UnstackaBlocks

Test the limits of your imagination with these unevenly weighted blocks that have an unpredictable center of mass, making them difficult to stack. Build unique towers with features that are impossible with regular blocks!

Squid — Aqua Armor

Splash into color with Aqua Armor! It changes colors when you get hit. You can use any water toy you like. If you hit the 'X' on your opponent, you win!

Tiger — Capture the Mochis

The crocodile has only 30 seconds to capture the mochis. The parrot uses a metal claw to save the mochis. Who will win?!

T-Rex — Shark Splash

Press a tooth and get splashed, you're out. Press a tooth and stay dry, you survive. Outlast your competitors to win!