2.00b Toy Product Design

Purchasing Guidelines

Purchasing in 2.00b is done by having teammates purchase project materials with their own funds and then getting reimbursed by MIT. This page provides information to help financial officers facilitate team purchasing by managing purchases and properly submitting receipts and requests for reimbursement. Financial training might not be that fun, but spending money sure can be!

Here are a few suggestions for staying on top of reimbursements:

Making Purchases

MIT is tax exempt so tax will not be included in any reimbursements.

Bring the ST2 and ST5 forms with you to local stores and provide digital copies to online stores (these can be used to create a tax exempt Amazon account for your team, but only use this account for project purchases)

Team budgets can be spent on projected related items only – no food, drinks, or recreational purchases are acceptable.

Requests for Reimbursement

A Request for Reimbursement (RFP) can be done for a single receipt or a batch of receipts, but each RFP can only be done for one payee. That means that an RFP can cover multiple purchases, but can only cover one person. If you have the need to reimburse multiple people, multiple RFPs need to be submitted. Doing RFPs in batches means less paperwork overall and likely a speedy reimbursement, so try to do that when possible!

Before submitting your RFP into the system, you should collect a few documents together.

Here are some notes for filling out a 2.00b cover sheet:

Submitting an RFP on Atlas

When you are ready to enter your RFP into the online system, sign in to atlas.mit.edu

Scroll down to PURCHASING > Manage Reimbursements (RFPs) > Reimbursement

When you enter the reimbursement form, search for the Payee

Enter the details of the purchases. Use the Add Line button to submit multiple receipts for the same payee.

Hit Save and Continue, then add scans or photos of your receipts

Use the buttons on the bottom to manage receipts

In order to find Chevalley, search Duhart-Richburg, and finally submit the receipt!

Remember to bring all of your paper documentation (stapled!) and leave it in the dropbox of 3-435. Or, pop in and see Chevalley! Feel free to ask her financial questions in person or by email.