2.00b Toy Product Design


3D Printing

The PDL has a variety of different 3D printing options for all your 3D printing needs! While the 3D printer is useful, it is not always appropriate - material costs and lead times are high, each part is made on a one-off basis, and the material used in the printer may not be appropriate for the part's intended use. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to 2.00b-ta@mit.edu if you're unsure.

Below is a brief description of each 3D printer, but you can also request us to recommend one to you (just let us know what the part you're 3D printing is for, and we'll try to help you out). The PDL also has several samples (the Bulbasaurs) printed out using each of the printers.

Comparing a 3D Printed 1 Inch Cube

Let's compare a simple 1in x 1in x 1in cube on each of the printers (remember in reality there are very very few reasons you'd ever want to print an inch cube on a 3D printer!). As always, these results will vary heavily based on your print settings.

Name Prusa UP Plus 2 Dimension uPrint Objet Alaris30
Print Time 48m 37m 34m 2h 50m
Industry Cost $6.00 $6.00 $77.00 $81.00
PDL Cost $2.31 $3.55 $4.01 $14.85
Colors Any Any Ivory White

General Printer Information

Cost to Print in PDL $0.04/g $0.04/g $4.67/inch3 $0.45/g
Lead Time 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 1-4 Days 2-4 Days
Print Material ABS or PLA ABS or PLA ABS Acrylic-Based
Max Print Dimensions (W, L, H) 7.87in x 7.87in x 7.87in 5.3in x 5.5in x 5.5in 8in x 6in x 6in 11.57in x 7.72in x 5.9in
Resolution (Layer Height) low resolution (0.016in) high resolution (0.012in) medium resolution (0.01in) very high resolution (0.001in)
More Information Designy Designy 2.009 Website Designy

Getting your Part Printed

In order to have your part 3D printed, send an email to 200b-3dprint@mit.edu. Attach your .stl file. Your email should also contain the following information:

We'll respond with an estimate of when your part will be done printing, along with the cost of the part. We'll deduct this automatically from your team budget, but you still need to keep track of the cost yourself!