Department of Mechanical Engineering

1.685J/2.034J/18.377J Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves
Spring 2013

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Professor T.R. Akylas; Room 3-362, x3-5356,

Office hours: T, Th 4–5pm and by appointment




There will be 5 problem sets; typically, a new problem set will be posted

on the course website on Thursday and you will have two weeks to work on it.

Some problems will require the use of a computer, and familiarity with MATLAB

would be helpful. Each student is expected to work on the homework problems independently; no collaboration with others is allowed.



Each student will study and review critically at least one published research paper on a topic of his/her choice in the general area of nonlinear dynamics and waves.  (Here are a list of sample topics.)



There will be one take-home mid-term exam.  There will be no final exam.



Homework: 40%, Mid-term Exam: 30%, Term project: 30%



The subject will be based on the material presented in the lectures. There is no

required textbook. A general list of references will be provided (if you need additional references for a particular topic, please feel free to ask the instructor).