Department of Mechanical Engineering

1.138J/2.062J/18.376J Wave Propagation
Spring 2012

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Professor T.R. Akylas; Room 3-362, x3-5356,

Office hours: T, Th 10 -11 am in Room 3-362 and by appointment.

There will be about 6 problem sets; typically a new problem set will be handed out every other week and you will have two weeks to work on it.

There will be a mid-term quiz and a final quiz but no final exam. Both quizzes will be take-home. The mid-term will be due the week of March 19th, and the final the week of May 14th.

The homework, mid-term and final quiz will count equally (1/3 of the grade) towards the final grade.

The subject will be based on the material presented in the lectures. There is no official textbook. A comprehensive set of Lecture Notes prepared by Professor C. C. Mei is available in the subject website.