2.20 ~M a r i n e
H y d r o d y n a m i c s


2.20 Marine Hydrodynamics

Fall 2017

Department of Mechanical Engineering

A 1st year, graduate level subject.

In this course, the fundamentals of fluid mechancis are developed in the context of naval architecture and ocean science and engineering.

Transport theorm, conservation principles, Navier-Stokes equations, potential theory, waves, and lifting surfaces are some of the concepts that will be covered. Experimental projects will be used to aid learning.

Lecturer: Prof. Dick K.P. Yue

TA: Grgur Tokic

Prereq: 2.006 or 2.016 or 1.060, Units: 4-1-7
Lecture: TR1-2:30 PM (1-246)
W 1-2pm (1-132) or W 4-5pm (1-135)

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