Final Projects
Fall 2009
Name Project Title
Belden Jesse Lagrangian Coherent Structures and Biological Propulsion
Chu Hank Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer in Fin Geometries
De Laplante Neil Boundary Integral Element Methods and Earthquake Simulations
Hall Terianne Studying (and mitigating) the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon in Singapore using FLUENT
Langewisch Dustin Stochastic Viscid Burgers Equations: Polynomial Chaos and DO equations
Olson Elise Modeling of Alexandrium fundyense bloom dynamics in the Eastern Maine Coastal Current: Eulerian vs. Lagrangian Approach
Eugeny Sosnovsky Coupled Neutron Diffusion Studies: Extending Bond Graphs to Field Problems
Michael Sortor CFD Investigation of Air Flow through a Tube-and-Fin Heat Exchanger
Bao Truong Towards the use of Level-Set Methods for 2D Bubble Dynamics
Anna Vasilyeva Mesh-Free Schemes for Reactive Gas Dynamics Studies
Michael Sortor (Co.) A review of CFD usage at Bosch Automotive USA