Final Projects
Spring 2008
Name Project Title
Ahn, Jooeun Analysis of Simple Walking Models: Existence and Stability of Periodic Gaits
Burton, Lisa Janelle Simulations of Coupled Physics-Biology in Idealize Ocean Straits
Gibbs, Jonathan Sutton High-resolution Conservative Schemes for Incompressible Advections: The Magic Swirl
He, Yi Multigrid Method for Poisson Equations: Towards atom motion simulations
Hu, Rui Stability Analysis for a Two-Phase Flow system at Low Pressure Conditions
Humbert, Matthew S Particle Image Velocimetry and Computations: A Review
Ketcham, Jerod W. Real-time Updates of Coastal Bathymetry and Flows for Naval Applications
Lam, Raymond H. W. Simulation of Particles in 2D Incompressile Flows around a Square Block
Lee, Sungho Panel Method Simulations for Cylindrical Ocean Structures
Ooi, Boon Hooi 2D viscous Flow Past Rectangular Shaped Obstacles on Solid Surfaces
Tidd, Chad N Three-dimensional Acoustic Propagation Modeling: A Review
Ullah, Tania Immersed Boundary Methods and Fish Flow Simulations: A Review