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2.671 is a 12-unit undergraduate course in measurement methods and experimental techniques required of all Mechanical Engineering majors that is typically taken in the junior year.  The Course Outline describes the topics covered in the course.   

The course features a self-directed term-long assignment created by Prof. Ian Hunter to give the students an opportunity to make measurements on something of personal interest to them, referred to as Go Forth and Measure. Many of the students use sensors from Vernier Software & Technology, and the assignment was featured in the Spring, 2005 issue of the Vernier Caliper Newsletter. A list of the Go Forth and Measure titles from the Fall, 2008 class is given here.


Professor in Charge of 2.671

Commencing in 2001, Professor Ian Hunter significantly redesigned the 50 year old course, 2.671 “Measurement and Instrumentation”. He was recognized for excellence of teaching in 2.671, receiving the Keenan Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching and the Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching in May, 2004, as well as the Den Hartog Distinguished Educator Award in 2007. He is the professor in charge of the course and his contact information is as follows.

Telephone: 617-253-4763

Campus address: Room 3-156

Electronic mail: ihunter@mit.edu

Web site: bioinstrumentation.mit.edu

Limitations on Course Enrollment

2.671 is a lottery course. Each lab section can accommodate a total of 14 students. If the number of students pre-registered for 2.671 exceeds the maximum for the number of scheduled lab sections, we will either add a lab section or require some students to take 2.671 next semester. If the course is full, students that have not pre-registered will not be allowed to enroll.

Priority will be given to Course 2 majors over non-majors, and seniors over juniors over sophomores. Students that do not have all the pre-requisites cannot enroll.

If you need to change from your assigned lab section due to a conflict with another class, you must email Dr. Barbara Hughey by 5 PM on Registration Day. For this reason, it is best for you to pre-register for all the classes you expect to take, so that you will be automatically enrolled in a non-conflicting lab section.

MIT certificate holders can see more information about the course at the 2.671 Wiki at https://wikis.mit.edu/confluence/display/2DOT671/2.671+Home

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