Force Pad Sensor

We spoke to potential users about whether they wanted a more or less conspicuous way of turning off the lights in the grocery items. We used a button and a force pad to compare and ask. The button is more obvious and lets the players know more intuitively what to do when they walk into a room. The force pad is more discrete, so that when you grab at the products the lights automatically turn off. The majority of the people we talked to preferred something more discrete since it made the room more challenging and felt more magical during gameplay.

The force pad is connected to an Arduino, and senses a "grab" when the force applied is above a certain threshold. When the force is applied it turns off the LED. You can see in the video that the LED will turn on and off whenever touched. However, during gameplay, after the player touches the grocery item once, it would not turn on again, even after consecutive touches.
Through testing, it was found that the force pad gets different readings when mounted on surfaces or bent, so we want to look into other force pads in the future, or other discrete options like conductive surfaces or paints.

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