Stabilizer: Looks Like

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For the Looks-Like sketch model of the stabilizer, it was decided to model the whole escape room in order to anchor the concept in its appropriate space to give context and a sense of dimensionality to the model. The model was a 1:15 representation of the escape room, sectioned down the middle to reveal the inner-workings of the stabilizer game.

The Stabilizer

The section view of the stabilizer showed how imbalances in weight distribution could be handled by an array of springs to damp the swing of the platform as users tried to steer using their body weights.

The material for the stabilizer itself was chosen as a textured rubber to emulate a surface with decent traction. The column at the center of the stabilizer was shown as a padded tube that wouldn't hurt if hard contact was made. The room decorations were inspired by 1980s era science fiction spacecraft with minimalistic black and white industrial patterns to anchor the experience with users in a space setting. Other elements of the room design included a "window" out of the space ship showing planets and stars. The window itself was made of a PDMS membrane.

Users of the Space Crisis

The players of this game room will be presented with an intuitive challenge that is easy to understand how to solve, but challenging to actually fully complete, all in a back-drop of a convincing spacecraft crisis setting.