Works Like Model


Our works-like model consists of two parts: the flashing light to cast the shadows and the force sensor setup that will detect when a player is standing in a shadow once the light stays on. Here we have a video of the flashing light and a loss, indicated by 3 flashes, triggered by the force pad.

The Shadows

We wanted to see how bright of a light we needed to cast distinct shadows in a semi-lit room as the rooms will have open ceilings. With a light of about 1000 lumen, we were able to cast very clear shadows, though the light itself was blinding and could be adjusted in future iterations.

The Flashing Light

Sketch modeling the blinking light was also very helpful in being able to see what kind of flashing effects we could use, as well as make inform what our monsters should look like to make the most defined (and spooky) shadows.We determined a blinking pattern that goes from slow to fast created a sense of urgency and was an easy way for players to anticipate something happening at the end.

The Resistive Force Sensor

Finally, we also implemented a small resistive force sensor to trigger a loss whenever a player stood in a shadow when the light stays on. In our current sketch model, whenever the force pad passes a certain threshold, a loss is indicated with three flashes from the light. We found this to not be a clear enough indication of a loss, and in the future are would like to implement sounds and maybe different colored lights as well. Through the implementation of force sensor, we found it to be rather finicky and are considering different possible ways to detect a loss. One possibility is to make the regions where the shadows will be into many "large buttons" that will move downa minimal amount when stepped on and trigger a sensor.