Players enter a lightless room and faintly see the outlines of many dark figures.

Casting Shadows

Suddenly, a bright light starts flashing, revealing the dark figures and casting distinct shadows.

The Light

The light begins to flash faster and faster

Hiding in Shadows

Panicked, the players scatter across the room and try to get away from the dark figures, some of the players unintentionally hide in the figures' shadows.

Caught by the Shadows

The light stops flashing and stays on. The players hear a loud growl, indicating a loss.


The room goes dark and the light begins to flash again, it starts slow and speeds up, just like the previous time.

Avoid the Shadows

This time, the players make sure not to step in the figures' shadows.


This continues for the duration of the session (~4 minutes), and each round gets increasingly difficult. Players have less time to adjust to where the shadows are cast, and the light also starts rotating so that the shadows move as the light flashes. The players win if they pass more than a certain percentage of the rounds after the duration of the session.