by Team Puzzled

Storyboard 1 : Chinese New Year Celebrations || Firework Crafting Chamber Sketch Model : Looks-like & Works-like

Storyboard 2 : In the Tea-tails || Picture Scroll Sketch Model : Looks-like & Works-like
Chinese New Year Celebrations

Based on the invaluable feedback that we received from all of you for the concept sketches and storyboards, we decided to redesign the game. The storyboard shown below shows the earlier version of the game wherein the users were required to create fireworks to scare an evil spirit. To evoke a positive and celebratory vibe among the players, we transformed the theme to new year celebrations.

So, what is still the same?

1.    Underlying Theme: The players would still be creating fireworks although the method and purpose would be different.

2.    Visual & Sound Effects: The users would continue to mix colors to get the desired color. The room light settings are still almost the same, it is dimly lit in the beginning with the central spot light on the main table for crafting fireworks as explained in the sketch models. The participants are given feedback based on their activities with firework sounds and light effects.

And, what all did we change?

1.    No smoke: The idea to create a visually appealing chamber involved the use of smoke in a chamber. However, we constrained the effect to a smaller volume in a rocket now and have replaced it with water. Fog machines are difficult to maintain/refill and other methods of producing smoke arenít reliable enough. Moreover, the chemicals used in these machines can degrade the transparency and over all visual appeal of the glass walls with the passage of time.

2.    User Engagement: The earlier version of the storyboard involved separate chambers for multiple users, we redesigned it in the form of one central platform to involve user coordination and participation.

3.    Representative Elements: The earlier version of the story had a color mix triangle to give a hint to the players as to what colors they had to mix denoted by chemical elements, we are now making the dials on the platform colorful and are relying on players fiddling with the dials to get hold of the gameplay.


You are still at hte entrance of the room but, the room is dark. You have no clue what is in store for you. All of your friends are scared to try this room out. But, you gather the courage to enter...
As soon as you are about to turn away, one of your friends steps into the room. And, suddenly 3 spotlights illuminate 3 suspicious boxes! All of you are now excited and enter the room...
Then you hear the voice and see a note which says that you need to create some fireworks in order to scare an ancient mythical evil spirit away. Everyone is super excited now! It's time to be cautious now, dealing with explosives is not going to be easy...
Just then, another strange looking triangle illuminates up in the room. It is pitch dark and only the triangle and the three boxes are lit up. You are looking at the triangle and then realize, that the colors are written with some characters...Li...Na...Cu... What could they be? Elements?
You then closely observe the boxes, it has some dials with the same leters. And, a small box of entirely different color kept inside a glass cover. In this case, box is colored orange. Nothing seems to make sense to you!
One of you loves to fiddle with all the controls and everything! And, accidentally turns up the red dial marked "Li". Suddenly, the glass box gets filled with smoke and a red colosed light? What could this be?
Ohhhh! Now you get it! You turn up the yellow dial marked "Na" and the smoke color changes to orange. And, that part of the room lights up! Eureka! You need to mix colors which signify elements that make up fireworks.
You mix yellow and red to get orange. Then, blue and red to purple. And finally, blue and yellow to get green! And, the whole room lights up in bright colors with animated fireworks on the walls. You feel that you really accomplished something today! Super satisfied! Elated at mastering the craft, you move on :)

Storyboard by Rushil Batra