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The course instructor is responsible for grading students. Students work in small teams for the project, but most of the grading is based upon individual design contributions. Students in the class will also develop and practice the skill of critiquing other people's work. Course deliverables are submiited in the form of web-pages, so you'll also get a jump start on a portfolio!

The grade breakdown is shown below. Items with no explicit grade value will be considered in the instructor leverage portion of the grade.

Please see the assignment page for descriptions and due dates.


Assignment Percent of course grade
What's in a name? 0
Drawing tookit 0
Read interface analysis study 0
Human-use experience analysis 10
Form project teams 0
User-experience design 10
User-experience critique 2.5
Human-use critique 2.5
Concept sketches 10
Concept exploration models 15
Concept sketch critique 2.5
Concept exploration model critique 0
Concept refinement 10
Concept refinement critique 0
Concept implementation (team) 20
Communicating progress (team) 5
Team review 5
Course evaluation 0
Instructor leverage 7.5


Instructor leverage is used to reward students who have made special contributions that have gone unnoticed or who have shown significant improvement during the class.