Heidi Chen

Wireless Easy Off Button: Outlet Junction

Goals | Electronics | Design of Outlet Junction

Lessons from sketch model

From the user testing conducted using the sketch model, we realized that there were some issues associated with using wires to connect the button and the power strip together.

  1. Wires get in the way, and are annoying
  2. Using wires means there is a limited distance the button and the outlet junction can be from each other. Some users would prefer to place the Easy Off Button next to their light switch or at the door for easier access.

However, wires are also cheap, and simple to implement. Instead of making a decision at this point, we decided to develop another method to link the button to the outlet junction.

Heidi's Goals

  1. Develop wireless method to link button and outlet junction.
  2. Understand how the individual components need to be connected.
  3. Choose the circuit components required to make the Easy Off Button function.
  4. Design the outlet junction.