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After considering feedback on the user experience design, your team should adopt the team's single, most promising storyboards, or develop a new, derivative storyboard based on the team's work and your strongest ideas.

Now, the goal is to further develop your interactive experience and to practice the type of 2-point perspective sketching that is typically used in product concept ideation.

Your work should be coordinated with your team to move the project forward, but your sketches will be graded individually.

To start
Select your top single storyboard for the entire team based upon feedback/critique and what you have learned and generate a new team storyboard. Make sure that all team members have a current storyboard to guide the concept development process. Your team will also need to submit an up-to-date storyboard with this milestone.

Each team member will individually propose three conceptual designs for your team's chosen storyboard/room. You might choose to develop concepts for 3 different elements or props in the storyboard experience (say a hidden door, spying picture, or suit of armor for a mystery den), or three very different variations for the design of a single element in your team's storyboard (e.g., three different interpretations/implementations of a suit of armor).

You many want to look an example (example a, example b, example c).

bottom sketch:
Scott Stropkay, Essential design

Generate numerous loose ideation sketches of different alternatives for the three ideas that you have decided to work on, as described in the to-start section above. Try to use the marker sketching techniques taught in class. Focus mostly on black and white sketching with some limited tone.

While working on your concepts, be sure to keep user experience, human factors, how things may work, and client requirements in mind. Try to be innovative.

Each team member is expected to submit 3 concept sketches—your preferred embodiment direction for each of your three ideas. Each team member should work on their own ideas individually but you are encouraged to use team members as sounding boards while doing your work.

Prepare your submission
Prepare your concept sketches in a web page or series of web pages.

The submission instructions provide information about where your team storyboard will be located on the course website, in case you want to refer to it in your concept sketch pages.

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