storyboards and sketches of product concepts for the MIT Museum Shop

This website details a variety of concept directions considered by Design-o-mite. The concept sketches and accompanying storyboards are in three product areas.

The Notebook product line is intended for children, to spur a sense of discovery and creation. The Notebook is supposed to help foster the engineers and scientists of tomorrow. The concept sketches visualize different methods and presentations for achieving this goal.

The Make... product line is a kiosk-based product that delivers a customized souvenir to the customer. The majority of the designed interaction is with the kiosk itself and the manufacture of the customized product. The concept sketches present ways of making the product that evoke different parts of the museum and other facets of MIT.

The Mitts product line gives users detailed feedback on the physical characteristics of a kitchen oven mitt. The experience connects the user to the physical world in a scientific and highly-technical manner. The product is a high-tech and fun gadget for a normally mundane situation. The concept sketches demonstrate different forms and ways to present the information to the user.

Please explore each product area and the visualization made by each member of Design-o-mite!