Form Project Teams
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Most of the graded assignments in the class are based on individual work. However, the overall project will be a team effort. The preferred size is 5 or 6 people.

It is your responsibility to coordinate with other students to form an appropriately sized team. You might use the class mail list if you are looking for people, or take a look at the spreasheet of students in the class (MIT certs required).

Once your team is formed you should come up with a name for your group. This name will be used to refer to your team throughout the class.

Use your team name as a basis to create an Athena mailing list for your group (moira list, check mailing list and AFS group).

Submit this information before the date specified in the syllabus. Let the course instructor know if help is needed. Ideally you will participate in the 5Wits experience on Thursday with your team!