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Make any additional decisions that are needed after your detailed concept refinement and implement (as a team) your final design. Within reason and project constraints, work towards a looks-like, works-like, as to be fabricated prototype. Regardless, be sure that the prototype realistically portrays the intended user experience.

While there are many aspects to the final implementation, it is hoped that you will obtain practice in finishing and detailing techniques needed to create an elegantly crafted prototype that reflects well-integrated, high-quality engineering and industrial/user-centric design.

In addition to implementing your gag/effect, you will also theme a 1:11.5 scale model of your room's layout. We will provide your team with the scale model and help you take pictures of it for your use in the final presentation. Your job will be to theme it an place a scale version of your gag within.

The work will be graded as a team.

To start
Make sure that your final design decisions have been made and that there is a clear prototype assembly model before proceeding with fabrication. Much of this work will have been completed during concept refinement.

Identify what needs to be done, develop a schedule, and allocate tasks.

Build the prototype! Keep the budget and purchasing requirements in mind.

Please feel free to ask for help or advice.

Keep in mind that the more you can do to help the client understand what is needed to implement your concept, the more helpful it will be.

Prepare your submission
Your team will make a 4 minute, well-prepared final presentation to the class and client on the 6th floor of the media lab, with 1 minutes of Q&A. There will also be a "booth" style setup for your prorotype. We will travel to each team's area for a planned 3 minute demo and questions. Finally, at the end there will be time to informally try out the different gags.

Additionally, a final web page submission by the team is required. Check out the examples (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6). This page should highlight your design intent, rationale, and features. It should convey the user experience and, if needed, provide user instructions. An exploded assembly is required along with critical sub-system design details. A bill of materials would also be very helpful. Individuals responsible for different subsystems/aspects of the design should be identified. Finally, there should be a discussion of open issues, problems, or areas of concern.

Please see the submission instructions for additional details. See the results!