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Your team will make a 4 minute, well-prepared final presentation to the class and client on the 6th floor of the media lab, with 1 minute of Q&A. Then, we will travel to each team's area for a planned 3 minute demo and questions. Finally, at the end there will be time to informally try out the different gags.

The review schedule will be posted a few days before the presentations, but we will start at 5 PM. You may include a photographs of your themed scale models in your presentation. The timing/process for obtaining your scale model is provided on the course home page.

Your concept implementation websites should be posted by 9 PM on the digital submission due date. The website should be a standalone explanation of your idea/experience and your implementation path. You may want to include your final storyboard in the submission.

As a team…

  • using your ftp client, navigate to /afs/athena.mit.edu/course/2/2.744/studentSubmissions/

  • move the html files for your concept implementation into the directory. Make sure that the work begins with a file called index.html and that the index is not in a sub-folder within the directory.

  • if your team used powerpoint or keynote slides during the in-class final project review, save a pdf and rename the file to slides.pdf copy the file to /afs/athena.mit.edu/course/2/2.744/studentSubmissions/

  • test your team system design submission through the link on the course home page, or by pointing your web browser at: