Concept Exploration (sketch model) Critique
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You will be sent, by email, instructions for reviewing sketch models by 4 different people. For each critique that you have been assigned, review the concept exploration sketch models, keeping in mind that the next critical step is to reduce the team's options to a single direction. Specific comments that will help in this decision process will be appreciated.

Please refresh your memory of the concept exploration model assignment. Keep in mind that some of you may have focused on purely 'looks-like' models while others focused on 'works-like' models. In some cases multiple students have worked together on models that have a large scope. However, in all cases, it should be clear why the model was made and what design questions it helped to answer.

As usual, when you have critical comments, it is essential to provide constructive suggestions on how to improve the work. All reviews will be made available on the course website but, as a reviewer, you will remain anonymous.

Please see the submission instructions for more details.