Concept Exploration Models Submission
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Your sketch models should be posted by 5 PM on the due date. Additionally, your team will present the work during an in-class design review.

Prepare your sketch model assignment:

  • create a top-level folder on your computer for your sketch model deliverable
  • within that top-level folder, create a storyboardX folder for each of your team's storyboards, where X is 1, 2, 3, etc.
    within your team, agree on which storyboard is "storyboard1", which is "storyboard2", etc.
    each sub-team of 2 or 3 students will upload one storyboard for the concept the subteam has adopted to its storyboardX folder
  • within that top-level folder, create a folder named your username and put a simple website that describes and explains your sketch model in it
  • an index.html needs to be in each folder

When multiple team members work together on a sketch model:

  • Prepare 1 website describing the sketch model and upload to one team member's username directory.
  • Be sure to indicate in whose directory the website for the sketch model is located during the assignment description submission process at https://2744.mit.edu/apps/assignments/
  • If multiple team members work together on multiple sketch models, the websites for all of the sketch models may go into one team member's directory. If you choose to do this, the index.html page should clearly list all the sketch models and direct viewers to the page for each sketch model.

Submit your sketch models:

  • using your ftp client, navigate to /afs/athena.mit.edu/course/2/2.744/studentSubmissions/sketchModels/yourTeamMailingList/

    The team directories are named the same as your team mailing list.

  • within the team directory are storyboardX directories for each storyboard (writable by entire team) and username directories for each team member.
  • move the html assets/files for your subteam's storyboard directly into your storyboardX directory. The initial page must be named index.html.
  • move the html assets/files for your sketch model directly into your_username directory. The initial page must be named index.html.
  • enter short descriptive names for your storyboard concept and your sketch models at: https://2.744.scripts.mit.edu/apps/assignments/
    As before, user ID is same as your Athena username. Click the "reset password" link to get an email sent to you so that you can set a password (if you can'r recall from the last deliverable). If your browser warns you that the site is not safe, bypass the warning.
  • test your submission from the results page