What's in a Name?
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Your first assignment is to design yourself a name card for use in the 3-370 classroom. When you are in class, note that there is a slot along the front of your desk (see photographs below). This is a name card slot.

Design and fabricate yourself a name card. Keep in mind the symbol design issues that were addressed in class (semantics, syntax, usability).

For semantics, design a way to express your unique character. On syntax (which we have not really talked about), try to develop a form vocabulary of consistent shapes. Regarding usability, please be kind because I will have to be able to read them.

If your name card is something that you want to show to your friends, then you are probably on the right track. Have fun!

What do I do with my name card once it is finished? See the results!

The slot is 1/8" wide by 0.7" deep.